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Empowering gamers and developers through the power of tools

Red Queen GDC 2017 Trailer

What We Do

Red Queen makes it easy to create tools designed for video game players. We work directly with game developers to make their game data and art assets accessible to talented toolmakers, who use that data and art in our development suite to create fun, exciting tools for the player community.

Real-time Analytics

Our platform enables real-time analytics, directly from the game developer, to help you analyze, strategize, and enhance your favorite games

Enhance your Game

Are you a game developer? Our platform unlocks the hidden power of your gameplay data and improves your customer lifetime value.

Discover and Win

Our marketplace, The Nexus, is where players go to discovery and use gameplay tools (Runes).


Powered by Red Queen’s platform, we provide the resources you need to build powerful tools for the games you love. Create tools like interactive maps, damage calculators, deck builders, leaderboards, and more. By having total access to gameplay data, you are limited only by your imagination.


Red Queen offers customized solutions for game developers of all kinds. Our platform encourages deepened player engagement by providing access to the real-time data gamers need to create compelling tools. All you have to do is put our Unity script in your game to begin providing us data. With Red Queen, you can focus on what you love: building great games.

Improve Core Gameplay. Focus on core gameplay while toolmakers can create secondary systems such as achievements, leaderboards, player statistic tracking and communication tools

Increased Customer Engagement & Lifetime Value. Tools help build a community for your players and allow you to gain insight on what players want most from your game

User generated content for increased ROI. User generated tools increase brand loyalty and engagement which over time increase your game’s return.


Think Steam meets the App Store! Once a Runecrafter publishes their creations, those Runes are available on our marketplace, The Nexus, for gamers around the world to discover and use. Players can discover Runes that have been approved for fair play by our game developer partners, so everyone can feel good using them!


Whether you’re a player, toolmaker, or game developer, feel free to contact us! We are looking to partner with some amazing game developers to bring the power of tools to players!