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Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series of blogs about the people behind the incredible innovation happening in the gameplay tool space. Although the faces behind the code are rarely noticed, they are trailblazers in an industry where the rules are yet to be written.


For our inaugural developer highlight we’ll be talking about the pioneer of the Twitch Developer Community Chat, the mild-mannered chatbot builder: Cricket!

Cricket started coding 6 years ago when he discovered Minecrafting modding, a hobby for many of those in the Twitch Dev and CurseForge ecosystem. The aptly named, Chisel, which Cricket collaborated on, is his most widely-used Mod.  It enables Minecraft players to use a chisel tool to shape components into new textures. He also worked on Feed the Beast, a well-known modpack that is still popular to this day.

As Cricket became more engrossed in the gaming ecosystem, he moved from Minecraft mods to the Twitch side of things where he began to work 1-on-1 with broadcasters to build alerts. This led to him starting the Twitch Dev Community on the Twitch App so he could meet other people who shared his passion. The team at Curse caught on to what Cricket was doing, and decided to support him wholeheartedly by throwing their weight behind the channel and making it the de facto official community for Twitch Devs. This community amassed over 1,000 members that make up the core of people who are now creating chatbots and Extensions on Twitch. The community has recently moved to Discord and is as lively as ever.

These days, Cricket makes sure the community is a well-oiled machine by providing Discord chatbot integrations with Twitch to keep the information flow constant. Those looking to find an active community of developers pushing the limits of the Twitch Extensions and Chatbot ecosystem need look no further than what Cricket has helped create.

Through the years, as Cricket gained more coding experience, he has stuck with Java as his preferred development language. He uses the JetBrains suite for his IDEs and Gradle for dependencies.


Here are some additional excerpts from our discussion:

What do you want streamers and viewers to get out of the community experience?

I want to guide a community-led project. I like the idea of garnering feedback from the community and doing whatever technical work is required to help them achieve their goals.

I’m hoping to get the connection between broadcaster and twitch dev tighter this year.

If you could be any video game character, who would it be?

Sora from Kingdom Hearts

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