February 2019 Meetup Recap

Hello and welcome to our first Meetup recap. This will be a continued series of posts surrounding the outcome of each of our RQ React meetups. If you’re unaware of our meetups, you can check out our past events at https://www.meetup.com/RQ-React/.

Leading up to this meetup I decided to change up the usual delivery of our meetups and prepare a slide deck along with a project to walk the attendees through in a more organized fashion. I used mdx-deck (https://github.com/jxnblk/mdx-deck) & netlify (https://www.netlify.com/) to deliver the slides. For the application I built a todo app using React (https://reactjs.org/) and Apollo (https://www.apollographql.com/).

The meetup began with some familiar faces. Before starting our usual stream and getting everything on the road, the attendees and I engaged in some conversation about how awesome the Philadelphia tech scene has been to me and a few of the strategies you can use to get to where you want to be in the scene. What I value most about our meetups is the growing community and the open-forum communication that occurs. It really sets the vibe we believed in when we started crafting the meetups.

Push came to shove and the stream / delivery of the content went PERFECT. We had some great interaction within the chat, and there were great questions from the crowd. All around it was a great night.

We hope to see you out at the next meetup in March!

  • Domitrius

** The slides from this meetup can be found at https://sleepy-swartz-93552b.netlify.com/#0 **

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