03 Feb, 2019

Love, Lust, Shrug: Episode 1

Hello and welcome to the first weekly episode of Love, Lust, Shrug, where I’ll break down techie stuff that’s making me giddy, something I’m daydreaming about, and something being hyped that just doesn’t light my fire.

This week’s Love is ReactJS Hooks! The Red Queen Engineering team has been patiently waiting for these little devils to be officially released, so we can start promoting them. Their ability to abstract the business logic behind obtaining and storing pieces of information can potentially change the way we think about data providers. We’re very excited to begin using them in our projects, and I can’t wait to see all the cool things the community will use them to build!

My Lust this week is fixated on a product I’ve been searching for but have yet to find. At Red Queen, we do a lot of whiteboarding of ideas and diagraming what we’re imagining. I desperately want to find approximately 3″ flat magnets, either white or a subtle color, shaped like standard flow-chart-shapes, and standard application architecture shapes. I want to be able to label them and move them around on a whiteboard, then erase them and use them again next time. Does anyone know where I can get a couple sets of these magnets?

Finally, this week I’m giving a ¯_(ツ)_/¯ to Streamlabs OBS. I keep hearing about all of its awesome features, but I’ve had to start streaming episodes of me coding on my MacBook Pro and I’m stuck using straight up OBS which is apparently not everything I need it to be. When the Mac Beta is ready, I hope Streamlabs will call on their friends at Red Queen Gaming to give some early testing feedback!


Stay curious!



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