Red Queen Hackathon 2018

This past weekend (August 4th and 5th), more than 50 gamers, developers, and friends joined Red Queen in experiencing our inaugural hackathon. Developers of all types were challenged to create applications that fit the theme of “Power to the Player”. Since Red Queen is a platform that helps developers create web apps that interact with video games, it made sense that we would empower developers to create anything they could imagine to improve the gaming experience for the players of the games represented at the hackathon.

Hackers showed up bright and early on Saturday to a continental breakfast, cool Red Queen swag courtesy of Custom Ink, and the chance to familiarize themselves with the games and platforms available to them. Many participants took the opportunity to network and start forming teams. In attendance were JavaScript devs , Unity devs, 3d artists, UX/UI designers, boot campers, self-taught developers, industry professionals, and college students. With such a wide range of experience, there was opportunity for everyone to get involved.

During the kickoff event we welcomed each game developer partner to introduce their game, explain what assets and data they would be providing to hackers, and announced challenges and prizes for participants. Some of the awesome prizes were Steam Keys for games, artwork, and even the chance to be included as a character in Cats in Mechs! Many considered the prize of the day to be 500,000 Quarters, a form of cryptocurrency that can be used to make purchases in any game that accepts them (think Chuck E. Cheese’s tokens for video games). That’s the equivalent of $125,000 in gaming currency! Our other great partners were Super Rock Blasters!, Beyonder, AVARIAvs, and Hastilude.

After introducing our partners, Red Queen CEO, Alex Gilbert, walked hackers through the resources available to them on the Red Queen platform and took final questions before kicking off the event. Teams formed. Lunch was had. Hacking commenced! Our top-rate engineers, Dan DuLeone and Dom Clark provided technical support to hackers, while Bill Smith, Red Queen’s CBO, made sure the whole event went off without a hitch.

Throughout the evening and into morning teams staved off sleep for as long as they could to get their projects across the finish line and win their respective challenges. Game developer partners, whether in-person or on Discord, like the Australian-based team provided mentorship throughout the event, helping hackers bring their imaginations to life.

As the night went on, Red Queen continuously provided meals and snacks thanks to our sponsors; Penji, Waterfront Ventures, Owner’s Magazine, and OpenForge; ensuring everyone was well fed and could focus. Around 4 – 5 in the morning, teams started to succumb to sleepiness. Teams awoke to the smell of Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwiches, donuts, and coffee in the kitchen area to power them through the last few hours before presentations.

At the end of 24 hours of hacking, 5 teams had weathered the storm and submitted projects. At that time our illustrious judges, Shawn Pierre of Philly Game Mechanics and Bryan Carter of Main Course PHL, arrived in anticipation of team presentations.

“Dogs in Mechs” by Mike Needleman and Jake Cook

Mike and Jake developed a web tool that enables 3d artists to upload art assets to be packaged and output in a format suitable for upload to Players of the game Cats in Mechs can use the game client, supported by, to download these mods and turn their game from “Cats in Mechs” into “Dogs in Mechs”.

“Beyonder – Make Your Character Adventure” by Mike Skelly

Beyonder is a tabletop game with an incredibly rich world of complex rules and intense character creation. They also happen to have a well supported database of in-game assets and character data. Mike was able to create a web app that walks a player through a text-based “Choose Your Own Adventure” game, and by the end they have a character sheet ready to use for Beyonder.

“Pokémod” by Derrick Wilson-Duncan

Derrick used Google’s Map API to create a 3-Dimensional street version of Pokémon Go. He then implemented’s platform to enable players to upload their own art content into the game to replace Pokémon with anything imaginable by the player.

“Quarters Wagering” by David Elster, Cassidy Staples, John “Unity” Stahl, and Keisan Gitters

This team did a great job of implementing the easy-to-use Quarters SDK to create a generic wagering platform that will eventually be found on Red Queen. Competitors can place bets with the Quarters Cryptocurrency on various outcomes, then, utilizing the game-specific data feed from Red Queen, verifies who wins the Quarters. The smart-contract then gives the winner the Quarters they are owed. A solution like this has an infinite number of possibilities!

“Reset Hard Mods” by Daniel Shumway

Dan is a talented JavaScript developer who is working towards a release of his solo project, Reset Hard. Reset Hard is a tactical time-traveling arena shooter about laying traps, outsmarting friends, and learning to do impossible things. During the hackathon, Daniel worked on developing an interface that would allow gamers to create custom content using the same level editor Daniel, himself has access to. This would enable fans to create tons of levels and puzzles to share with the community.


Quarters Challenge

Prize: 500,000 Quarters
Winners: “Quarters Wagering”

Cats in Mechs Challenge

Prize: Featured in Game, Cats in Mechs Playing Cards, 50,000 Quarters
Winners: “Dogs in Mechs”

Beyonder Challenge

Prize: Beyonder Collector’s Edition Player’s Manual, Bestiary, and Artwork, 50,000 Quarters
Winner: “Beyonder – Make Your Character Adventure”

Best Red Queen Rune (web app to be hosted on Red Queen)

Prize: $200 Cash and 25,000 Quarters
Winners: “Dogs in Mechs”

Best in Show

Prize: $300 Cash and 50,000 Quarters
Winner: “Pokémod”

Red Queen will be hosting a regularly occurring meetup starting on September 4th, where we’ll host workshops and collaborate on building even more video game related content. We hope see anyone interested in build JavaScript web apps, especially those focused on React.js.

Join our Discord Guild to stay in touch with the community and find out exclusive video game content!

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