08 Nov, 2018

Red Queen Incubator Introductions

Red Queen Incubator – Winter 2018 Cohort

The inaugural cohort of the Red Queen Incubator is off to an exciting start as we welcome the three incredible members to our program. The incubator is designed to level up the skills of junior developers and provide them the real-world experience they’ll need as they enter the realm of web development. There were plenty of great applicants to choose from, but these three blew us away. Without further ado, we’d like to introduce:

Jessica Clay

Favorite Game: Tomb Raider

Jessica has a background in special education, a career she focused on for the past 10 years. In using technology to help her students learn effectively, Jessica came to the realization that she had a true passion for technology. She began shifting her focus to providing technical assistance for iOS devices and eventually made the leap into coding by attending the New York Code and Design Academy. It is Jessica’s hope that through the incubator she will improve her React skills, learn about other modern technologies, and provide her great networking opportunities.

Andrew Hojnowski

Favorite Game: Persona 5

Andrew has taken a big leap from a background in kinesiology to web development! After graduating from Penn State he went on to teach children’s gymnastics and group fitness. The next step after fitness is logically becoming a Linux administrator at the University of Pennsylvania, so that’s what Andrew did. He decided to continue to improve on his skills by participating in UPenn’s Coding Boot Camp, which he recently graduated. In joining the incubator, Andrew looks to gain confidence in his abilities by becoming a better programmer and hopes to create meaningful experiences for users of his products.

Anh Lu

Favorite Games: Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Dungeons and Dragons

As a project manager and business analyst in healthcare, Anne understands the need for data-driven decisions in business. She has also seen the immense opportunity for someone with web development skills to create apps that can solve real problems in a field that impacts each one of us. Anh is an entrepreneur, and hopes to one day found a web development company and provide professional opportunities to other Vietnamese developers like herself. Through the Red Queen Incubator, Anh hopes to focus on learning React and GraphQL and is excited to have the opportunity to learn from seasoned developers.

Follow the journey of our incubator participants through our Twitter, or even better, by coming to one of our Meetups where you can improve your own JavaScript skills and see demos of what our community members are building.

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