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Create incredible apps using Red Queen's platform

Become a Toolmaker

The Red Queen Solution

Red Queen is the first platform dedicated to providing you, the toolmaker, with all the resources you need to create incredible tools. No longer will you need to spend hundreds of dollars a month to host your tools, or scrape data from game servers using unreliable methods. Our toolmaking functionality provides you with data accessibility, hosting, distribution, marketing, technical development, and payment processing.

Data Acquisition

Red Queen makes all of the data needed for creating gameplay tools easily accessible for toolmakers. This data is provided by to us directly by game developers and presents the most accurate and up-to-date information needed to create tools that give gamers the highest probability of success.


Red Queen distributes tools through the gameplay tool marketplace. We provide the distribution channels needed for gamers to access tools specific to their favorite titles. You won’t have to worry about distributing your creation, we distribute it for you!

Payment Processing

Red Queen allows you to generate revenue selling your tools on our gameplay tool marketplace without the hassle of handling payment processing. We handle all payment transactions, currency exchanges for overseas payments, and even returns for purchased tools.


We eliminate the need for you to find external hosting for your gameplay tools by storing hosting them directly on the Red Queen website. By simplifying the process we provide you with peace of mind so you can focus your energies on creating tools.

Technical Development

Red Queen provides the software development kit which includes multiple programming languages such as Javascript, C#, and more. TheSDK will be integrated into with our database, making it as simple as possible to access. We cover the back-end, allowing you to focus on front-end engineering. We give you all of the technology needed to create successful, cutting edge gameplay tools.


Red Queen will promote your tools through targeted advertisements and social media. The gamers you care about will be fully aware of your tools, and will know exactly how to get them. This built-in marketing means you don’t have to do it yourself, which will save you time and money.