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Calling all Game Devs

Are you a game developer? Red Queen Gaming offers customized solutions for developers of all kinds. From well-known game developers to indie studios, our platform unlocks the hidden power of your gameplay data. All you have to do is put our Unity script in your game to begin providing us data. We’ll worry about finding the toolmakers who will be working to make your game great. To make use of our services, it’s absolutely free!

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Improve Core Gameplay

Gaming is comprised of two layers: core gameplay elements and secondary gameplay elements. Core gameplay elements are comprised of things such as art, level design, and physics. Secondary gameplay elements include player communication, leaderboards, achievements, and player statistic tracking. Our industry analysis shows that 80% of developers spend 35 – 50% of their resources building secondary gameplay elements. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Red Queen enables your own players to build many of these secondary elements for you, meaning you are free to focus on the core gameplay elements that truly improve the gaming experience.


Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Research shows that when players use tools for a game, they play that game longer. Tools engage gamers by making your game more fun, and they also teach your players how to make effective in-app purchases. When a player uses an in-app purchase correctly, they find more value in it and are more likely to become a repeat customer. Longer user retention and repeat transactions mean higher lifetime value for you!

Red Queen’s Platform is Simple, Yet Powerful

Our platform features simple architecture and easy setup which requires no continuous maintenance from you. Drop our script into your game, and use it to send data directly to our servers. We store that data and make it accessible to toolmakers. This keeps your data secure from the common player, but allows toolmakers to create powerful, engaging tools for you.

The Red Queen Data Pipeline