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Red Queen empowers gamers and developers through the power of tools. We make it easy to create customized gameplay tools that players use to understand their games and get the most out of their experience. By using our platform, toolmakers gain free access to game data, development resources, marketing, and distribution. The tools they create are hosted and launched directly from our marketplace, where game players go to find exactly what tools they want for the games they love.

Early History:

Back in 2013, Red Queen’s CTO, Dan, began obsessively playing a game called Lords and Knights. Lords and Knights is a massive multiplayer strategy game that requires intense coordination with players spanning the globe, and a clever understanding of one’s surroundings in the game world. At the time, alliance leaders would spend hours upon hours building spreadsheets to share with their alliances for the purpose of coordinating attacks and defenses. Dan realized that if he was able to gain access to real-time game data, he could automate the process of creating those spreadsheets, allowing players to maximize their time spent enjoying the game. Dan worked with the developer, Xyrality, to gain access to game data, and used it to create incredible tools, which he bundled into a package called “Ransom’s Toolkit”. These tools were used by over 100,000 players, demonstrating the necessity of his creations.

After That:

Dan realized he was onto something, and connected with Alex, the now-CEO of Red Queen. The team looked back at Dan’s experience and recognized that there was an unfortunate lack of resources available for toolmakers like Dan. While jumping from game to game to create new tools would be a great time, what the world really needed was a single place that provided all the resources a toolmaker could ever need. Since then, Red Queen has been teaming up with companies such as Microsoft, Ghost Crab Games, and Bacus studios to create a platform for game developers, toolmakers, and players.


Red Queen Marketplace

The Red Queen Marketplace is where gamers go to discover and access Runes for the games they love. Players can search through our available titles to find the armory, then launch the Runes directly from the site. Red Queen provides a gamified experience, wherein each person plays as a Riftwalker charged with keeping balance in the universe. By using Runes, Riftwalkers are able to overcome difficult tasks and defeat their enemies. Runes are cast using Mana, which Riftwalkers regenerate over time, or by using charges of their Mana battery.

  • We provide a gamified experience, wherein each person plays a Riftwalker charged with keeping balance in the universe.
  • By using Runes, Riftwalkers are able to overcome difficult tasks and defeat their enemies.
  • Runes are cast using Mana, which Riftwalkers regenerate over time, or by using charges of his or her Mana Battery

Runecrafter (Toolmaker) Experience

Runecrafters are the lifeblood of Red Queen. They create the content that players love to engage with, and game developers rejoice over. Red Queen helps Runecrafters by providing them all the resources they need to create and distribute their Runes (tools).

By entering the Runecrafting Portal, Runecrafters are able to access a wide-ranging library of tools. They receive access to development resources such as Rune-development kits (RDKs), graphical components, and analytics for their creations. Most importantly, they will receive data from the games of their choice, directly from the Red Queen database. This allows Runecrafters to make next-generation Runes, using real game data beyond what’s available anywhere else. Once their Runes are created, Runecrafters upload them to our platform, set their prices, and make them available to players around the globe!

Wizard (Game Developer) Experience

At Red Queen, we refer to game developers as “Wizards”. They are responsible for providing the source of data Runecrafters need to create their runes. By using their arcane knowledge, Wizards open Rifts into game worlds, enabling Riftwalkers to enter, and restore balance to the universe.


Wizards integrate Red Queen into their games by securely sending us their game data, which we store on our database and make available to Runecrafters. By enabling people to create Runes, Wizards will enjoy increased player engagement, increased customer lifetime value, and will benefit from their users generating game-related content. This will allow Wizards to spend more time developing their games, and less time worrying about the secondary stuff that gets in the way of great projects.


“…these tools empower the players, liberate their imagination, and maybe inspire an indie gaming revolution.” – Kelley Alexis, Culture Fringe


“It gives players a go-to destination for finding tools worry-free.” – Brandon Baker, Philly Voice

Awards & Recognition:

“Nominated for Tech.Co Startup of the Year 2016” – San Jose, CA, September 21, 2016

Nominated for Best Startup by Waterfront Ventures”  – Camden, NJ, May 2015, 2016

“Philly Startup Leaders Accelerator” – Philadelphia, PA, 2016

“Member ic@3401 Incubator” – Philadelphia, PA 2017