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What We Do

Our mission at Red Queen is to enhance gameplay by empowering players to control how they experience games. We work directly with game developers to provide their data to dedicated toolmakers, and give those toolmakers all the resources they need to create amazing tools for players. Players can search our marketplace to easily discover the best gameplay tools for the games they love, then use those tools to improve and have more fun. It’s our belief that we can help create an ecosystem where game developers, players, and toolmakers all work together to make games better for everyone.


What Are Gameplay Tools?

Gameplay tools are applications that help you analyze, strategize, and enhance your game. They’re fun to use and share with your friends, so you can work together to defeat your opponents! They can be things like heat maps, battle calculators, stat trackers, and leaderboards. By having total access to gameplay data, toolmakers are limited only by their imaginations.

Lords and Knights heat map
Sample Tool - Lords and Knights Super Map

Character Analytics

dwarf cartoon

Discover strengths and weaknesses.

Gameplay Strategy

chess piece

Use data to uncover hidden strategies.

Game Data Visualization

graph with magnifying glass

Display trends. Improve decision-making.

Discover and Win

The Red Queen Marketplace is coming soon! It’s the perfect place to find exactly what tools you need for the games you love. Use our simple search to find the game you play, choose from a list of awesome tools, and start winning with Red Queen!

Drow Cave

Create Tools

Red Queen isn’t just for finding tools. We also make it easy for you to create tools. All the resources you need are right here. We provide game data, hosting, marketing, distribution, payment processing, and technical development assistance. Visit our “Create Tools” page to learn how to become a toolmaker.

Get Your Game Featured

Are you a game developer? If so, check out our developer page to learn how to start using Red Queen to attract toolmakers to your game!